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5 Networking Tips for Business Professionals

he adage “It’s not just what you know, but who you know” has never been more relevant than in this day and age, with more professionals than ever saturating the workforce. Thus, a critical part of career advancement is frequently facilitated through actively seeking and forming new relationships and connections with potential employers, partners, and […]

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4 Human Resource Methods That Improve Corporate Culture

When one considers corporate culture and where it comes from, he or she might first think of top-level management. One might assume that the CEO, business owner, or executive team is responsible for creating the culture of an organization. This assumption, however, leaves out an influential part of any organization that plays a huge role […]

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Is an Online MSW Equal to an On-Campus MSW?

The ability to pursue a degree online is becoming an attractive option. Taking courses online allows students to complete the curriculum at their own convenience, choose the best program for their needs without having to relocate, and gain a greater degree of control over their learning environments. However, not all online programs are created equally, […]

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Hard Skills that are Vital in Social Work

When listing the skills one needs to have a successful career as a social worker, soft skills like communication, empathy, interpersonal skills, organization, problem-solving, and time-management are usually at the top of the list. But, these are just a few of the skills a professional typically needs in order to be successful at their job. […]

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Online Master of Social Work vs. Online Master of Counseling

Pursuing an online master’s degree in either social work or counseling provides professionals a chance to advance their careers while performing fulfilling work. Both social work and counseling are widely considered as helping fields. They are well known as being attractive to those interested in bringing about positive change in people’s lives. Furthermore, individuals with […]

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4 Impacts of Data Analytics on the Success of a Company

Organizations are taking steps to access the insights made possible by data analytics. These 4 points show the power & impact of data analytics on business.

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The 4 Components of Information Architecture

Discover the four standardized components that information managers use to develop information architecture frameworks

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Careers in Adult Education: A Conversation with Ed.M. Student Monica Mustacchio

Recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics showed that there were more than 50 million students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools. Enrollment in postsecondary institutions had increased 30 percent between 2000 and 2015, to a total of 17 million students. New Jersey-based Monica Mustacchio, Early Childhood Director with a BA in […]

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Furthering Technology in Education: A Conversation with Tiffany Riccardelli

Technology is all around us. Nearly everywhere you look, from your smartphone in your pocket to the interactive tablet at your favorite restaurant, gadgets, devices and new technology are changing how we interact. But is technology gaining similar popularity in professional settings, like the workplace or classroom? Make no mistake, technology is more prominent, but […]

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The Benefits of Online Education: A Conversation with Michael Esposito

Should I get a graduate degree? Should I take on-campus or online classes? These are two questions that are commonly heard in the workforce today, posed by employees with undergraduate degrees wondering if a return to school can propel them toward career advancement, increased salaries, and enhanced knowledge and skills. For one student, the answer […]

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The responsibilities of a political operative

Certain skills are required of administrative staff working to support politicians at all levels of government.

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How MPA graduates can oversee education initiatives

Master of Public Administration graduates have many career options, including professions within the education realm. Here is how MPA grads can oversee education initiatives, in part due to their degree.

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Twelve Ways Nurses can stay Healthy on the Job

As a nurse, staying healthy on the job requires more than taking the necessary precautions to not contract the pathogens that walk into the clinic each day. RNs face health, safety, and wellness risks unique to their profession. They should take an active role in assuring their own health, not just for themselves, but to […]

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The Benefits of using Electronic Health Records

As the world shifts from paper to digital communication, the days of overflowing file folders full of printed medical records are disappearing in favor of paperless alternatives such as electronic health record (EHRs.) The functionality of EHRs creates a more seamless flow of information, providing means for care to be delivered in a much safer […]

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Nine Best apps Nurses Can Use

Nurses today face a wide array of new challenges and busy schedules that make it challenging for even the most experienced professionals to keep up. Though they are considered one of the most-trusted professionals in the country, nurses work hard to maintain this confidence by continually showing care and compassion for their patients. This longstanding […]

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The Pros and Cons of Telehealth

The influx of new technologies has dramatically transformed the medical community in recent years. From electronic health records to patient portals to telehealth, technology now plays a huge role in the health care world. Medical professionals are busier than ever meeting an ever-growing population of patients with diverse sets of needs. Technology can provide a […]

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The Importance of Following Standard Precautions

On a daily basis, nurses working in various departments of medical facilities and practices have an abundance of responsibilities on their plate. This career requires the ability to demonstrate compassion to each patient, while ensuring that multi-tasking practices are efficient and effective. As vital members of the health care field, nurses must follow certain rules […]

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Digital Libraries: Their Impact and Management

Digital libraries are so effective that commercial interests now mimic the electronic library frameworks used by public and private library institutions.

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Applying government and for-profit management skills to the nonprofit sector

Many transitioning into nonprofit work from government or the private sector will find their skills easily transferable.

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Budgeting necessities of government departments

Creating a budget that serves the greater good is essential to good governance.

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What does the Digital Revolution Mean for Social Workers?

We live in an increasingly digitized world. With government and financial services available online or through mobile devices, consumer ecosystems favoring digital systems and access to knowledge abundant on the internet, individuals are increasingly dependent on technology to participate in the economy. However, internet access isn’t universal, and the ability to leverage contemporary technologies is […]

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What are Social Ventures?

Social ventures are increasingly popular movements that ignite social, cultural and environmental changes. By incorporating business skills and techniques, individuals and companies are able to provide innovative solutions to persisting societal problems yet to be addressed by other methods. With the message of “impact first” at its core, social ventures aim to make social impact […]

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Leadership Development Trends within Management

In 2015, 54 percent of employers surveyed expected to increase spending on leadership development. Businesses are focusing on leadership as the business environment becomes more complex, challenging and difficult to manage. The role of leaders has changed from the singular visionary who controls all aspects of the business, to a collaboration of multiple leaders who […]

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Three Key Leadership Skills Emerging in the Social Work Sector

Social workers often end up in leadership roles. Whether they are in charge of a support group, managing a community organization, or guiding an advocacy team, social workers rely heavily on their ability to communicate and motivate others. For that reason, a master of social work degree can play an instrumental part in preparing social […]

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Preparing for a Social Work Career Helping the Elderly

Elder care is emerging as a critical need in the U.S. medical community, including the social work sector. To a great extent, the issue is simple—the number of elderly people in the country is rising considerably due to longer life spans and better health care. Under the surface, however, the challenges become more nuanced as […]

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Professional-looking woman standing in a walkway at an academic institution

The Big Picture: Understanding the Full Social Work Scope

Pursuing a career in social work can prove complicated as individuals must balance state licensure requirements, variable licensing expectations relative to different positions, and a wide range of degree considerations that can have a sweeping impact on one’s career. With these challenges in mind, let’s explore the full scope of the social work degree progression […]

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Social worker meeting with a worried young woman

Five Socioeconomic Issues Contributing to an Income Imbalance

The social climate in the U.S. is changing at a breakneck pace. Economic, political, and societal disruptions are coming together to create new challenges in the social work field. In many ways, these issues are coming together in the form of an income imbalance within the country. Economic disparity has risen to the point that […]

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Polling place sign

Learn the essentials of campaign management

No political campaign can succeed without effective management, and MPA program students will be able to learn the essential skills for this vital position.

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Donations and fundraisers

Seeking sponsorship and patronage for your nonprofit

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and their administrators must ensure that they remain satisfied.

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Surgical equipment

How Nurses can Ensure Surgical Safety

Nurses play a pivotal role in patient surgeries. They may participate by prepping an individual for surgery, assisting in the procedure or aiding in the recovery process. Some nurses experience a combination of all three roles. As nurses are an essential part of the surgical process, it’s crucial that they make sure the procedure remains […]

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City political scandals

Lessons learned from crises in city and town politics

Crises and scandals that arise in city politics serve as appropriate lessons in actions not to emulate for prospective government employees.

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Health care team

How Nurses can use Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life

As a nurse, you will care for or be around patients who require specialized medical care for their serious, life-threatening illnesses. One specific type of care, palliative, focuses on providing relief from the stress and overwhelming symptoms of a serious or terminal illness. The entire goal of this practice is to improve quality of life […]

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City management

Essential skills for the responsibilities of city management

Being a city manager is an important public service position – one requiring considerable administrative skill.

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Female nurses may experience reduced functionality toward the end of a night shift.

Night Shift may Affect Women in Nursing More than Men

Over the course of their careers, nurses will work a considerable amount of hours, dedicating quality time to patients of varying degrees of health. While their time commitments often depend on the line of medicine they’re in, or if they’re operating within a specific specialty, it’s common for these healthcare providers to split their assignments […]

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2020 (1)

Social Work in 2020: What Current Students Should Know about the Field

Students entering a social work course of study are likely to be planning for graduation in the next few years. As they decide how they want to specialize their studies, they must not only consider the issues currently shaping the industry, but also look ahead to understand how the industry will transform in the future. […]

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Corn field after a harvest

Five Major Challenges that come with Social Work in Rural Communities

Interested in a social work career in small, close-knit communities? Rural communities provide unique challenges, but social workers can train to surmount these issues.

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A modern entrepreneur at work.

Why BABA Degree Holders Are Well-Suited for Entrepreneurship

While enrolled in business school, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore your grand idea…

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Social worker caseloads

How Proposed Lower Caseloads can Reduce Social Worker Turnover

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired or overworked due to your career in social work? If so, you’re not alone. Employee attrition plagues a wide variety of fields within the public sector and the results of these departures can have serious consequences. This attrition rate is especially high within the field of social work. Social […]

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How social workers can stay safe on the job_Photo2 (1)

How Social Workers can Stay Safe on the Job

Working as a social worker can be both challenging and rewarding. As social workers seek to improve the welfare of others, they can often find themselves in vulnerable situations. To avoid these possibilities, it is crucial for employees to take steps to ensure their individual safety on the job. Here are some examples of the […]

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Public administrators surveying proposals

The difference between public administration and political science

Despite sometimes being confused, political science and public administration have crucial differences alongside their similarities.

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Managing school and work is a challenging task

Time Management Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing students have a lot on their plates. Many work at least part-time – some full-time – in hospitals or other medical facilities while juggling family obligations and a social life. In pursuit of their BS in Nursing degree, it’s important for these professionals to practice time management. Understanding how to schedule one’s day can […]

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Nurses hoping for a career abroad have a lot to consider.

What International Opportunities are there for Nurses?

Registered nurses have a wide variety of career paths open to them. These professionals can choose to work in general healthcare, then select a specialty and decide what kind of medical environment most suits their personality and goals. While there are plenty of positions within the U.S. – the field is projected to grow by […]

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Starting in local government

How to Get Started in Local Government

MPA graduates can benefit greatly from taking on public service roles at a local level, rather than working for their states or country.

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Pediatric nurses work with infants, children and adolescents

A Guide to Pediatric Nursing Careers

Are you looking to go into pediatric nursing? Here are some career opportunities you can take advantage of.

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Robotics are already being used to aid in surgeries

Top Technological Advancements Nurses Need to be Familiar With

Certain tools and resources are helping nurses not only advance in their own careers, but improve the level of care they provide patients.

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Running for office

How an MPA can help you run for office

An MPA degree program teaches many essential skills for those seeking to run for public office.

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Information sources: notebook with with a tablet and smartphone on top.

6 Aspects of Knowledge Management

Information management allows enterprises to control & utilize knowledge that contributes to organizational objectives. Learn 6 aspects of knowledge management.

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Big data visualization

3 Ways Interactive Visualization Helps Interpret Data

The amount of information produced by enterprises grows at a fast rate. Interactive data visualization can provide meaningful and understandable reports.

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One field for social workers involves interacting with the elderly population.

Seven Traits of an Exceptional Social Worker

Social workers play a vital role in communities, and need certain traits.

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Three nurses

Management 101: Leadership Advice for Nurses

What advice can nurses with management aspirations carry with them in their quests to become stronger leaders?

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Job interview for nonprofit role

What are hiring managers looking for in nonprofit employees?

Flexibility, planning, management, tech skills, communications and marketing will be valuable to nonprofit employees and those hiring them.

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Communication in public administration

Developing Communication Skills for Public Administration

Communication is in many ways the fuel of any career in public administration – and an MPA can help you polish that skill.

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A nurse talking with a patient

How Nursing Creates Health Communities

In what ways can nurses vastly improve the wellness of their patients? Does the value of preventive care nursing and population health management go beyond a nurse’s neighborhood?

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Nonprofit work for MPA students

How an MPA helps you tackle the biggest needs of nonprofits

A Master of Public Administration degree equips students interested in the nonprofit sector with all the necessary skills to thrive.

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One field for social workers involves interacting with the elderly population.

Career paths: Which Type of Social Work is Right for You?

With so many specialization options available, here’s a look at the major branches of the social work field.

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Why is a Master of Social Work Necessary Today?

A variety of societal challenges are creating job demand and industry conditions that make an MSW degree an attractive possibility.

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Why the Humanities are Essential to Nursing

In the ever-evolving healthcare space, it is important for nurses to continually advance their knowledge. In addition to medical advances, another key area to study is the humanities.

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Taking the GRE

The GRE: What You Need To Know

Understanding the GRE is a major first step on your road to a graduate degree.

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Why an online degree can be ideal for your busy schedule_RU MPA_ArticleImage

Why an online MPA degree can be ideal for your busy schedule

Online distance learning allows public-sector professionals seeking an MPA to further their education without upending their busy schedules.

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A list of five empty check boxes. The first two are marked with red checks, and a hand is getting ready to mark the third.

Accreditation: Why it matters for an MPA

Accreditation is a signal of quality, serving as a testament to a school’s curriculum and resources.

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CPS Image

The Role of Social Workers in Child Protective Services Investigations

Social workers play a vital role in the safety and livelihood of children across the United States on a daily basis. Those who specialize in child protective services are in high demand, as evidenced by the number of investigations launched into abuse and neglect over the past several decades. The federal Administration for Children and […]

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The Principles of Adult Learning Theory

Adults in the professional sphere are shifting to continuing education. Learn more about the principles of adult learning theory.

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Is a career in politics right for me_RU_MPA_ArticleImage2

Is a career in politics right for me?

The recent presidential election reaffirmed the notion that politics is anything but simple. Being a politician requires some particular character traits.

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The Importance of Mental Health Treatment Following Natural and Human-Made Disasters

Natural and human-made disasters can have intense and often traumatic impacts on both individuals and communities before, during, and after the occurrence. Although federal and state disaster response entities like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Guard will be vital to recovery following one of these events, these organizations might not fully comprehend the […]

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Woman teaching adults

Unconventional Careers you can Have with a Master’s Degree in Adult and Continuing Education

Discover the versatility a master’s in adult education can bring to your career.

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How Adult Education has Changed and Where it’s Headed

E-learning, career readiness and globalization are shaping the way educators and students approach adult learning.

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Working on smartphone

How Technology can Shape Adult Education

Technology facilitates learning among all ages, even adults. Research from PEW found adults who owned smartphones and had home access to broadband internet were significantly more likely to engage in personal learning experiences than those who lacked either one or both options. This is especially true among adults who wanted to participate in professional learning […]

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Nurse working on a laptop

How Professional Nurses can Evolve Alongside Health Care Technology

How can professional nurses, the unofficial technology advocates of the health care sector, continue to grow and develop their roles as caregivers in the 21st century?

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A young professional sitting at the table with a laptop

7 Career Paths for Data Analysts & Information Scientists

Data science is currently one of the fastest growing and most in-demand specializations in the world of technology – and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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How an MPA can help you start your own nonprofit_image1_resized

How an MPA can help you start your own nonprofit

While enrolled in an MPA program, you’ll learn leadership, budgeting, hiring, strategy and research skills that can help you launch a nonprofit tailored to your community.

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Manager leaning on the table with the laptop

Job Outlook for Information Systems Managers

Computer information systems management is one of the fastest growing job areas in information technology. Learn more about this occupation.

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Career Advancement Opportunities with your RN-BS in Nursing

There are some exciting career opportunities with your RN-BS in Nursing.

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Nurse assisting patient with tablet

Trends in Patient Care that will Affect Nurses in 2017

Here are some of the trends for nurses to watch in 2017.

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A government building.

Why an MPA may be right for you

An MPA teaches you valuable management and leadership skills for public service, government office, nonprofit work and even the world of business.

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Nursing student

What you Need to Know to Enroll in an Online RN-BS in Nursing Program

The number of nurses with a baccalaureate degree continues to rise across the U.S. Only 22 percent of these professionals had earned this level of higher education in 1980. Yet, the count reached 55 percent of registered nurses by 2013, according to a report from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Association of […]

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Nurse working on a laptop

Tips for Managing an Online Degree as a Professional Nurse

For registered nurses, going back to school to complete a BS in Nursing degree may seem like a daunting challenge. With demanding work and family schedules, it may be difficult to determine where one may find the time to study. Luckily, accredited institutions like Rutgers offer online completion degree programs that are designed for working, […]

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Workplace Trends to Know About

The workplace is changing rapidly; the typical office setting professionals once took for granted is giving way to…

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5 Careers for Students with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Whether you have a clear professional trajectory or only a basic idea of your future career, an online business degree from Rutgers can help…

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TED Talk Stage

7 TED Talks for Students of Data and Information Science

Today’s data scientists and business decision-makers face great challenges. These 7 TED Talks help put challenges and possible solutions into perspective.

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Helping Families Navigate the Foster Care Process

Helping Families Navigate the Foster Care Process

An online masters in social work degree can lead to an exciting role as a family social worker. One notable component involves playing a part in the foster care process, which can be complex and emotionally stressful for those involved.

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The Infrastructure and Needs for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital asset management systems help organizations maximize the value of their current media assets and releases resources for other tasks. Enterprises use metadata to identify each asset, implementing indexing formats that function for their specific needs. Evaluating DAM systems begins with analyzing how stakeholders access digital assets. Once project leaders evaluate these needs, they present […]

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Effective Counseling Strategies to Help Children in the Wake of Divorce

Effective Counseling Strategies to Help Children in the Wake of Divorce

A Master of Social Work online degree can lead to an exciting career in clinical social work. Clinical social workers are found in an array of settings, from hospitals to private practices to prisons and care homes. In this role, you will be qualified to implement a variety of counseling strategies and techniques to help […]

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Counseling Strategies in the Wake of Hate Crimes

Graduates from Rutgers University’s online Master’s of Social Work program often successfully pursue careers as a social worker or clinical social worker. Professionals in this line of work can be found in a range of settings, from hospitals to prisons to private practices. They manage multiple cases at any one time, helping both individuals and […]

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Substance Abuse Counseling 101

Upon graduation from Rutgers University’s online Master of Social Work, you will find number of career opportunities. One field well suited to MSW graduates is substance abuse social work or substance abuse counseling. How do I pursue a career in addiction counseling? As U.S. News & World Report observed, while a master’s degree has not […]

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Tips for Applying Research in Social Work Practice

On the surface, there is a significant divide between research and day-to-day social work practice. Many social workers and social work students find that, given the complexity of the issues they encounter on a daily basis, it is difficult to apply current research to everyday endeavors. Barriers include time constraints, practitioner resistance, and lack of […]

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How Social Workers can Advocate for Veterans

Social workers play a critical role in the lives of veterans, many of whom suffer significant physical and mental health problems, along with financial insecurity and housing instability. By working with one of the nation’s most under served communities, social workers can acknowledge the extraordinary sacrifices these veterans have made, while also making their post-combat […]

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4 Reasons to Pursue Geriatric Social Work

Geriatric social workers play an integral role in today’s aging population, connecting seniors with essential services that allow them to lead healthy and happy lives. Unfortunately, despite significant growth in this field, many social workers remain reluctant to work with older clients. Detailed below are four reasons why a social work degree is worth pursuing. […]

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RU MI - Information and Communications Technology Image

Information and Communications Technology Advancements – Master of Information

Information and communications technology (ICT) fluency is an asset in modern society, and technology plays a pivotal role the current business environment.

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RU MI - What is Information Literacy Image

What is Information Literacy? – Master of Information

Information literacy can be defined as a person’s skill at recognizing when it is necessary to seek new information and locating credible information efficiently.

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RU MI - Impact of Digital Libraries Image

Impact of Digital Libraries in Schools – Master of Information

Digital libraries in schools are changing the way educators deliver content, and these changes are making information easier for students to access.

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RU BABA - Top Internet Marketing Trends Image

Top Internet Marketing Trends

With how fast products and technologies are advancing, it becomes imperative for businesses to stay knowledgeable of top internet marketing trends.

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RU MBA - Entrepreneurs The Backbone of American Economy Image

Entrepreneurs: The Backbone of American Economy and Society

American entrepreneurs continue to inspire modern innovators and have powerful influence on society and economy.

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RU MPA - 7 Tips for Developing High-Level Decision Making Skills Image

7 Tips for Developing High-Level Decision Making Skills – Master of Public Administration

High-level decision making skills require access to a certain knowledge bases, and the ability to process that knowledge.

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Three Reasons to Pursue your MSW

If you are interested in taking on rewarding clinical or administrative roles in the field of social work, a master’s degree is essential. Graduate education can also help you increase your earning potential; the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a mean annual wage of $59,650 for clinical healthcare social workers (a position that nearly always […]

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The Benefits of Field Placement

An essential component of completing a Master’s degree in social work, field placements can help prepare you become a practicing professional social worker.

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Best Practices for Knowledge Management System Creation – Master of Information

Firms can harness information by instituting knowledge management platforms and having their employees fully adopt a knowledge sharing culture.

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RU MBA - How an MBA can get you Career Ready Image

How an MBA can get you Career Ready

Obtaining a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) is necessary to be ready for a career full of success, innovation, and advancement.

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RU MPA - Performance Analysis for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Image

Performance Analysis for Public and Nonprofit Organizations – Master of Public Adminstration

Donors, taxpayers and public funding sources are requiring performance analysis that is more consistent with the expectations of the business world.

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Data Curation Definition and Overview – Master of Information

Data curation is an emerging field in research information storage, and data curators are specialists who store and maintain important research information.

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Understanding the Different Types of Business

The most common types of businesses are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S corporation, and the newer Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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5 Keys for Results-Driven Management – Master of Public Administration

In recent years, there has been a major shift away from actions-driven management toward results-driven management.

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RU MBA - How an MBA can Assist you in Becoming a Critical Thinker Image

How an MBA can Assist you in Becoming a Critical Thinker

The curriculum and requirements of an MBA degree allow for the perfect environment for developing and expanding critical thinking skills.

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RU MI - Big Data Analytics Image

Big Data Analytics Can Solve Problems – Master of Information

The big data analytics revolution has changed the information technology frontier, allowing IT directors to make improvements across all departments.

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The Foundations of Social Work

Social work is a career with a wide range of professional opportunities. You can find a social worker anywhere from schools and prisons to hospitals and government agencies. So what exactly is social work? Any work that is carried out by a trained professional with the goal of alleviating the conditions of those in need […]

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Daria Silvestro

Master’s Program Empowers Student to Bridge Hawaii’s Education Gap

Daria Silvestro became passionate about education equality while working for an underserved high school in her hometown in New Jersey. She saw how difficult it was for teachers to get the resources they needed

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RU MI - Challenges and Benfits of Information Visualization Image

Challenges and Benefits of Information Visualization – Master of Information

Digital technology is rapidly expanding its role in the practice and preservation of knowledge through data visualization.

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RU MI - The Recent Shift in Information Literacy Image

The Recent Shift in Information Systems Design – Master of Information

For effective information systems, information scientists must consider the social, psychological, and business contexts in which they operate.

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An Introduction to the World of Metadata – Master of Information

What is metadata? In the most general sense, metadata is information about information.

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A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist – Master of Information

What is data science all about? The advent of big data has created a need for professionals who combine leadership vision, computer science background, and the ability to identify meaning in massively complex data sets. While big data has the capacity to completely transform how organizations operate in business, healthcare, education, and much more, it […]

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RU MI - Librarian Career Outlook image

Librarian Salary and Career Outlook – Master of Information

Librarian’s duties have grown to include organizing electronic archives, audio and visual databases, and bibliographic databases.

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Adult Literacy Teacher Salary and Career Outlook

Acquiring a high school diploma or learning to read is a goal for many adult individuals. Adult learners know the value of getting the basic skill set needed to pursue employment or further educational goals. Other adult learners may want to improve their skills to better complete day to day tasks within their household and […]

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Healthcare Social Worker Salary and Career Outlook

As the Baby Boomer population bubble reaches retirement age, demand on the nation’s healthcare infrastructure will continue to grow. Also legislation that provides health insurance for more individuals

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The White House & The Booming Data Industry – Master of Information

The Big Data age is here. Whether it’s scrolling through Twitter, or checking the market analysis on a recent product, kids and professionals alike are utilizing and creating data simultaneously in their daily lives.

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