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12 ways stay healthy

Twelve Ways Nurses can stay Healthy on the Job

As a nurse, staying healthy on the job requires more than taking the necessary precautions to not contract the pathogens that walk into the clinic each day. RNs face health, safety, and wellness risks unique to their profession. They should take an active role in assuring their own health, not just for themselves, but to […]

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Benefits of EHRs

The Benefits of using Electronic Health Records

As the world shifts from paper to digital communication, the days of overflowing file folders full of printed medical records are disappearing in favor of paperless alternatives such as electronic health record (EHRs.) The functionality of EHRs creates a more seamless flow of information, providing means for care to be delivered in a much safer […]

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Apps nurses can use

Nine Best apps Nurses Can Use

Nurses today face a wide array of new challenges and busy schedules that make it challenging for even the most experienced professionals to keep up. Though they are considered one of the most-trusted professionals in the country, nurses work hard to maintain this confidence by continually showing care and compassion for their patients. This longstanding […]

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The benefits of telehealth

The Pros and Cons of Telehealth

The influx of new technologies has dramatically transformed the medical community in recent years. From electronic health records to patient portals to telehealth, technology now plays a huge role in the health care world. Medical professionals are busier than ever meeting an ever-growing population of patients with diverse sets of needs. Technology can provide a […]

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Standard precautions 2

The Importance of Following Standard Precautions

On a daily basis, nurses working in various departments of medical facilities and practices have an abundance of responsibilities on their plate. This career requires the ability to demonstrate compassion to each patient, while ensuring that multi-tasking practices are efficient and effective. As vital members of the health care field, nurses must follow certain rules […]

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Surgical equipment

How Nurses can Ensure Surgical Safety

Nurses play a pivotal role in patient surgeries. They may participate by prepping an individual for surgery, assisting in the procedure or aiding in the recovery process. Some nurses experience a combination of all three roles. As nurses are an essential part of the surgical process, it’s crucial that they make sure the procedure remains […]

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Health care team

How Nurses can use Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life

As a nurse, you will care for or be around patients who require specialized medical care for their serious, life-threatening illnesses. One specific type of care, palliative, focuses on providing relief from the stress and overwhelming symptoms of a serious or terminal illness. The entire goal of this practice is to improve quality of life […]

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Female nurses may experience reduced functionality toward the end of a night shift.

Night Shift may Affect Women in Nursing More than Men

Over the course of their careers, nurses will work a considerable amount of hours, dedicating quality time to patients of varying degrees of health. While their time commitments often depend on the line of medicine they’re in, or if they’re operating within a specific specialty, it’s common for these healthcare providers to split their assignments […]

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Managing school and work is a challenging task

Time Management Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing students have a lot on their plates. Many work at least part-time – some full-time – in hospitals or other medical facilities while juggling family obligations and a social life. In pursuit of their BS in Nursing degree, it’s important for these professionals to practice time management. Understanding how to schedule one’s day can […]

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Nurses hoping for a career abroad have a lot to consider.

What International Opportunities are there for Nurses?

Registered nurses have a wide variety of career paths open to them. These professionals can choose to work in general healthcare, then select a specialty and decide what kind of medical environment most suits their personality and goals. While there are plenty of positions within the U.S. – the field is projected to grow by […]

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Pediatric nurses work with infants, children and adolescents

A Guide to Pediatric Nursing Careers

Are you looking to go into pediatric nursing? Here are some career opportunities you can take advantage of.

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Robotics are already being used to aid in surgeries

Top Technological Advancements Nurses Need to be Familiar With

Certain tools and resources are helping nurses not only advance in their own careers, but improve the level of care they provide patients.

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Three nurses

Management 101: Leadership Advice for Nurses

What advice can nurses with management aspirations carry with them in their quests to become stronger leaders?

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A nurse talking with a patient

How Nursing Creates Health Communities

In what ways can nurses vastly improve the wellness of their patients? Does the value of preventive care nursing and population health management go beyond a nurse’s neighborhood?

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Why the Humanities are Essential to Nursing

In the ever-evolving healthcare space, it is important for nurses to continually advance their knowledge. In addition to medical advances, another key area to study is the humanities.

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Nurse working on a laptop

How Professional Nurses can Evolve Alongside Health Care Technology

How can professional nurses, the unofficial technology advocates of the health care sector, continue to grow and develop their roles as caregivers in the 21st century?

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Career Advancement Opportunities with your RN-BS in Nursing

There are some exciting career opportunities with your RN-BS in Nursing.

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Nurse assisting patient with tablet

Trends in Patient Care that will Affect Nurses in 2017

Here are some of the trends for nurses to watch in 2017.

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Nursing student

What you Need to Know to Enroll in an Online RN-BS in Nursing Program

The number of nurses with a baccalaureate degree continues to rise across the U.S. Only 22 percent of these professionals had earned this level of higher education in 1980. Yet, the count reached 55 percent of registered nurses by 2013, according to a report from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Association of […]

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Nurse working on a laptop

Tips for Managing an Online Degree as a Professional Nurse

For registered nurses, going back to school to complete a BS in Nursing degree may seem like a daunting challenge. With demanding work and family schedules, it may be difficult to determine where one may find the time to study. Luckily, accredited institutions like Rutgers offer online completion degree programs that are designed for working, […]

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