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The responsibilities of a political operative

Certain skills are required of administrative staff working to support politicians at all levels of government.

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How MPA graduates can oversee education initiatives

Master of Public Administration graduates have many career options, including professions within the education realm. Here is how MPA grads can oversee education initiatives, in part due to their degree.

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For-profit sales skills can nonprofits help elicit donations

Applying government and for-profit management skills to the nonprofit sector

Many transitioning into nonprofit work from government or the private sector will find their skills easily transferable.

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Government budgeting

Budgeting necessities of government departments

Creating a budget that serves the greater good is essential to good governance.

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Learn the essentials of campaign management

No political campaign can succeed without effective management, and MPA program students will be able to learn the essential skills for this vital position.

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Donations and fundraisers

Seeking sponsorship and patronage for your nonprofit

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and their administrators must ensure that they remain satisfied.

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City political scandals

Lessons learned from crises in city and town politics

Crises and scandals that arise in city politics serve as appropriate lessons in actions not to emulate for prospective government employees.

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City management

Essential skills for the responsibilities of city management

Being a city manager is an important public service position – one requiring considerable administrative skill.

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Public administrators surveying proposals

The difference between public administration and political science

Despite sometimes being confused, political science and public administration have crucial differences alongside their similarities.

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Starting in local government

How to Get Started in Local Government

MPA graduates can benefit greatly from taking on public service roles at a local level, rather than working for their states or country.

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Running for office

How an MPA can help you run for office

An MPA degree program teaches many essential skills for those seeking to run for public office.

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Job interview for nonprofit role

What are hiring managers looking for in nonprofit employees?

Flexibility, planning, management, tech skills, communications and marketing will be valuable to nonprofit employees and those hiring them.

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Communication in public administration

Developing Communication Skills for Public Administration

Communication is in many ways the fuel of any career in public administration – and an MPA can help you polish that skill.

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Nonprofit work for MPA students

How an MPA helps you tackle the biggest needs of nonprofits

A Master of Public Administration degree equips students interested in the nonprofit sector with all the necessary skills to thrive.

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Taking the GRE

The GRE: What You Need To Know

Understanding the GRE is a major first step on your road to a graduate degree.

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Why an online degree can be ideal for your busy schedule_RU MPA_ArticleImage

Why an online MPA degree can be ideal for your busy schedule

Online distance learning allows public-sector professionals seeking an MPA to further their education without upending their busy schedules.

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A list of five empty check boxes. The first two are marked with red checks, and a hand is getting ready to mark the third.

Accreditation: Why it matters for an MPA

Accreditation is a signal of quality, serving as a testament to a school’s curriculum and resources.

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Is a career in politics right for me_RU_MPA_ArticleImage2

Is a career in politics right for me?

The recent presidential election reaffirmed the notion that politics is anything but simple. Being a politician requires some particular character traits.

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How an MPA can help you start your own nonprofit_image1_resized

How an MPA can help you start your own nonprofit

While enrolled in an MPA program, you’ll learn leadership, budgeting, hiring, strategy and research skills that can help you launch a nonprofit tailored to your community.

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A government building.

Why an MPA may be right for you

An MPA teaches you valuable management and leadership skills for public service, government office, nonprofit work and even the world of business.

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RU MPA - 7 Tips for Developing High-Level Decision Making Skills Image

7 Tips for Developing High-Level Decision Making Skills – Master of Public Administration

High-level decision making skills require access to a certain knowledge bases, and the ability to process that knowledge.

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RU MPA - Performance Analysis for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Image

Performance Analysis for Public and Nonprofit Organizations – Master of Public Adminstration

Donors, taxpayers and public funding sources are requiring performance analysis that is more consistent with the expectations of the business world.

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5 Keys for Results-Driven Management – Master of Public Administration

In recent years, there has been a major shift away from actions-driven management toward results-driven management.

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