5 Careers for Students with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

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USA Today highlights business administration as the most popular college program — and given the professional success enjoyed by BABA graduates, it’s easy to see why. As a student enrolled in Rutgers’ online bachelor of arts in Business Administration program, you can gain the leadership skills and unique experience needed for success in several areas, including the following professions:

Social Media Manager

Social media plays an integral role in modern marketing; a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat can boost brand recognition while increasing online conversions. The social media manager’s job is to develop an effective content strategy that generates both leads and sales. Social media managers earn median annual wages of $46,984 and gain experience connecting with online niche influencers, leveraging current events for engagement, and interacting with specific target audiences.

Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers play a key role in information technology, implementing a range of software and hardware upgrades. The BLS reported a median of $131,000 in annual wages for information systems managers in 2015. This profession merely requires a bachelor’s degree, but research from the BLS indicates that many information systems managers occupy other roles for years before moving into managerial positions.

Management Consultant

Flexibility is not a hallmark of business administration careers, but with management consulting, it’s possible to enjoy both stability and control over one’s hours. Management consultants travel from one business to the next, using their expertise to streamline companies and raise profit margins. They can either work for established consultant firms or on a freelance basis.


Entrepreneurship is riskier than working with a consulting firm, but there’s something undeniably gratifying about the freedom of building and running a business. BABA programs prepare students for entrepreneurship by supplying them with key leadership skills and administrative understanding. Wages vary wildly, but an Institute for the Study of Labor report suggests that, ultimately, the average entrepreneur earns more than a similarly skilled full-time employee.

Students enrolled in the online BABA degree program at Rutgers gain essential leadership skills that ultimately lead to success in a variety of industries. Whether you have a clear professional trajectory or only a basic idea of your future career, an online business degree from Rutgers can help you make the most of several exciting career opportunities.


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