Ed.M. Adult and Continuing Education: Turn passion into professional growth

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Shuva turns passion into professional growth

As a longtime educator, Shuva Rahim understands the importance of being a lifelong learner. That’s why she chose to pursue her master’s degree in adult and continuing education with Rutgers University.


“Looking back, I’ve been drawn to teaching adults for many years — whether it be as an ESL tutor, teaching a colleague new technical skills, or helping business professionals understand marketing,” Shuva said. “I enjoy teaching adults because there’s always a strong motivation for them to learn something new.”


Rutgers develops in-demand, career-building skills

Shuva’s experience as a continuing education instructor at the local community college inspired her to expand her teaching responsibilities and explore other settings. But because she wasn’t sure where she would end up, she wanted a program that was comprehensive and infused with current trends.


What made the Rutgers Ed.M. Adult and Continuing Education program appealing to Shuva was the real-world application of her coursework and the new opportunities she could explore with this advanced credential.


“The skills in the adult education program were helping me in my career, especially in the technology classes,” she said. “I was able to create meaningful content for lessons and training sessions that would help my students.”


It’s all about finding a balance

Shuva led a busy life before graduate school — teaching community college courses, managing a small business, training for half marathons, and traveling. She and her husband agreed to put a halt to their vacations during her schooling, and she scaled back on her social life. Aside from that, she wasn’t willing to sacrifice her work obligations or workout schedule. With Rutgers University online, she didn’t have to. “In my decision to take two courses a semester, I successfully completed all my assignments and projects, and excelled in my classes,” she said.


The online experience was new to her, but the added flexibility made it appealing.


“I loved my undergrad experience and am grateful I had the opportunity to go away to college,” Shuva said. “However, 20 years later, the online program was the best fit for my schedule. In some ways, there is as much, if not more, interaction online than if I did the program in person.”


One of the most important aspects while earning her master’s from Rutgers was the faculty’s responsiveness. “My interaction with the faculty at Rutgers was positive,” Shuva said. “I know, like the students, the professors have a lot to juggle, so I appreciated it when they were responsive, timely, and detailed in their feedback.”


From educator to inspirational leader

Inspired by her students and their motivation to learn new things, Shuva channeled that enthusiasm into her graduate degree. In Summer 2018, she graduated with her master’s in adult and continuing education. Shuva emerged with a singular goal: to empower adults of all ages to continue challenging themselves to learn more.


“I believe the Rutgers program helped me assess and fine-tune what I like about teaching adults and how I can be a better educator,” Shuva said. By improving herself, she has also strengthened her impact on shaping the eager minds of others.


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